Thank you.

My tumblr has grown so much during my downtime, and I thank you for that. I’ve been working on my upcoming film,¬†Fritillaria¬†for a while now. I am hoping for a release around december this year. I will start promoting the film around March + start posting photographs again.¬†



I’m making a tumblr comeback this week, been feeling sick for a while but now I’m back on track. New exciting photographs will be up sometime next week!

I lied.

So I promised there would be a few new photographs up a few weeks ago, but I haven’t managed to stir up enough creativity to do so. Hopefully in January there will be more photos. Also I am starting to film my full-length movie in March 2013 which will be released early spring 2014. Thank you so much for still following. Hope you all had a great holiday and have a very happy new year!

Much love, Tobias.